How long is a typical rental period?

Owners will offer seasonal daily rental rates, weekend rates, or weekly rates which are defined by the amount of time you would spend for your holiday.

  • Daily Rental (24 hours)
  • Weekend Rental (3 days)
  • Weekly Rental (7 days)

Further, the owner request minimal booking duration;

  • Daytime bookings only (sunrise to sunset)
  • Minimal nights bookings (1 night +)
  • Weekly booking (7 nights +)

Each rental has preferred check-in and check-out time with preferred hand-over day.

The renter may request bookings with other dates, times and hand-over days than preferred by the owner, this works fine during low-seasons but may be hard at high-seasons.

The exact duration and time of departure and return is up to the renter and owner to determine.